My family recently moved into an Eichler designed home in Orinda. My goal was to find a venue where I could provide music education, host clinics, host concerts, record music, edit music using today's latest technologies.

Over the last generation, so many Arts education programs have been all but eliminated in the schools.

My goal is to keep the door open and accessible to all the Arts, Music, Vocal Studies, Classical Studies, Big Band, and in time, Design, Painting, Sculpting, Dance, Theater, etc.

I have partnered with Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, "PVF". "PVF" is a 501-C3 organization that is authorized to accept tax-deductible donations. "PVF" has agreed that my Mission qualifies for the rules governing tax-exempt contributions.

Future & past clinic/concerts have & will feature Montango, David Jackson, Tom Montgomery, Georgia Montgomery, Tom Brechtlien, Shelly Berg, Raul Reynoso, Tommy & Lara Johnston, the Doobie Brothers, Roger Glenn, Tom Scott, the Contra Costa Wind Symphony, the Diablo Ballet, John Finger, Tom Pettit, etc.

This is such an exciting time for all of us.

Thank You for visiting, we are so glad you're here.

Together we will keep the Arts Alive!

Terry Miller