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Music in other Cities & States

We are in the process of expanding our TK's outreach Music Programs to other cities as well as other States. We will begin this Fall with four title #1 and title #2 schools in Colorado and Washington state, as well as in the Bay Area.

Music in other Cities & States - February 2017-2018

We're getting ready to visit Havana Cuba for our 14th Music Exchange Program. We will be hosting daily musical experiences as well as our continuing financial aid for:
1. La Colmenita, (The Little Beehive) a musical troupe for the Children in Havana.
2. Clave de Sol, the 200 piece Children's Guitar Orchestra of Havana.
3. ENA, (Escuela Nacional Arte), the equivalent of a US top Arts based High School.
4. ISA, (Instituto Superior de Arte) the equivalent of our US Frost School Of Music.

If you're interested in joining us, please visit "Cuba tour 2017".