Music to Benicia

Terry's Kids will now fund & teach our Music programs at the Robert Semple School in Benicia, CA. Their Music programs were cut due to inappropriate funding a few years ago. These classes will be held during the schools daily curriculum. We will be funding 3 kindergarten Music programs classes with 25 per class, 1 TK (transitional kindergarten) class with 24 students, and 2 special ed Music programs classes with 7 students in each.

Benicia as a whole is a very safe community. However, most of the Section 8 housing, low-income apartment complexes and mobile home communities in Benicia are in the neighborhoods surrounding Semple. As a result, the Robert Semple School serves the majority of families struggling with issues related to poverty, the students tend to come from more difficult life circumstances than in other parts of Benicia.

This program approach brings Music to the entire school community, teachers, children, and their families. In addition to supporting each child's basic music competence and overall development, the curriculum also supports the work of teachers and engages parents and other primary caregivers at home, in the classroom, and in the Benicia community.

Our newest Staff member, Justine Chadly, will be our primary instructor.