Costs and Details

Dates of Havana Tour and Costs

Havana Tour and Costs

THE TOUR — 7-DAYS, 6-NIGHTS, ANY TIME, ANY DATES you wish (upon availability).

COSTS: $4,950.00 per passenger. Please add an additional $750.00 single room supplement.

Cuba Trip Information

OUR TK (Terry's Kids) STAFF:
Terry Miller-Our Bassist-TK Founder-Tour Director Brian Nova-Our Guitarist-Kids Clinician Julio Reyes-Our Guitarist-Kids Clinician-Interpreter Our Guide. Our Terry's Kids Havana Cuba Director the one without the cigar

We are proud to welcome our newest Terry's Kids Staff Member: Mr. ABEL ALEJANDRO GARCIA VALDES - Our Terry's Kids US/CUBA Emissary & Guide in Havana.

Abel holds a Bachelor of English Literature & Language degree, a Master's degree in Tourism Management plus a a Doctorate of Quality Assurance from the University of Havana. He also the principal Technical Advisor at the University of Loja in Ecuador — The list goes on.

Abel keeps Terry's Kids connected with ENA, ISA, Clave de Sol and La Colmenita, the four Children's Musical troupes we help support in Havana. Abel, and his wonderful wife Ida, are in charge of donations, events for the Kids, clinics for the Kids, lessons, etc.

We would not be able to function in Cuba without his help, Abel is literally the top of the top Guide in Havana. We are so lucky to have him on our staff.


1. You will need a valid Passport with an additional 6 months past your Passport's expiration date.

2. Your Tour:
You will need to arrive in LA the day before our departure.
The next morning, you must be at the Alaska ticket counter at 6AM sharp, 3 hours prior to our 9:00AM departure to Havana.
You will have all your documentation sent to you well before our tour.
On our last day we depart Havana around 6pm and arrive LA around 8:30PM that same evening.
Please give yourself an extra 2 hours after we arrive back in LA if you wish to catch a late evening flight home. You'll have to get your luggage from the international baggage claim when we arrive, and then recheck at the domestic counter for your final flight home.

3. Our Airline allows 50 pounds per suitcase. Fortunately Cuba is very warm, so you shouldn't need a huge wardrobe. One suitcase should be fine. We are asking if you would be willing to check an extra donation suitcase. Terry's Kids will bring these donation suitcases to you and we will pay for these additional pieces of luggage.

4. You will need to provide your own lodging in LA on the evening prior to our following mornings 8:55AM departure to Havana.

5. When in Havana you can drink the water if you wish, personally I wouldn't suggest it, bring some IMODIUM® A-D if you're concerned.

6. PLEASE bring more money than you think you will need and exchange as needed, I would suggest large bills -- less to carry. I suggest $1,000.00 per person, (you shouldn't need this much, almost everything is covered, you will probably end up bringing most of that back)

7. Credit Cards and Checks do NOT work, you may read articles to the contrary, Cash is the only thing that works.

8. You may however find something you like that costs a bit more -- art for example. Cuba has however allowed Artists to ship Art through Europe and Canada, these shipping companies CAN accept your credit cards, we will explain when we visit these studios.

9. It's easiest to exchange your Dollar Bills at the Hotel. The exchange rate is (in theory) 1 to 1 -- they clip you on the way in, but not on the way out. Currently 1 US dollar equals about .85 CUCs, so if you give them 100 dollars they will give you 85 CUCs. You can exchange your extra CUCs back to US dollars on your way out, this is 1 to 1.

10. Your cell phones can be used, but it is a slow process and expensive. If you can travel without your cell phone, all the better. I will have a Cuban cell phone available for your use. Feel free to use it anytime to call anywhere.

11. Many have asked about trip insurance. This is up to you. Most of the problems are with the flights to and from LA here in the US. This is why I'm asking everyone to fly in the day before we depart for Havana.

12. Getting through customs is now a very easy process. The machines scan your passport and print an exit slip.

13. If the customs officer asks, "Why did you visit Cuba?" be sure NOT to say "I'm a tourist." Rather, "This was an educational exchange, " or, "I wanted to learn more about Cuban culture." I doubt if you will be asked anything, but they do have the authority of detaining you if they want. This is rare, but it can happen.

14. Attire - The weather should be in the 85 to 99 degree range. I went in February where we had mostly 90 plus degree-days -- that was also with the rain. I would say, plan on something comfortable and light. We're not planning anything too fancy, (It's Cuba), bring a sport coat if you like.

15. There is wi-fi at the Nacional Hotel, it's very slow, but it does work. We will provide you with your wi-fi ticket and log in information.

16. Please bring good walking shoes, the sidewalks are just sidewalks in theory. The roads have huge holes, much decay, please keep your eyes open when walking around Old Havana.

17. The US embargo has not been lifted. US citizens still have to travel under a specific license. Although US travel has been relaxed, we still have to travel under this specific person-to-person or educational license. I wish to emphasize, WE ARE NOT TOURISTS. Tourism is still banned to all US citizens. Also, PLEASE DO NOT use the word "DONATION" when in Havana. We will be bringing "GIFTS" or "Presents". When you go though immigration at the airport in Havana, anything you call a donation will need paper work for the Cuban State's verification. It not only takes an awfully long time, but they can also confiscate your donations "GIFTS", so "mum's the word" on donations, at least until we reach our hotel.

18. We are traveling at an amazing time historically. With Fidels passing some feel this will give the new Castro regime even more dictatorial power. Others feel this will finally allow for free speech and a free democracy. Only time will tell. With the diplomatic recognition announced, the floodgates are about to open. In one or two years, Cuba will be scarcely recognizable.

19. The most important thing to remember ... it's Cuba. Regarding daily schedules and events, anything can change. I have been down eleven times and have only had a few last minute changes thrown at me. Our basic schedule is set, but as far as jiffy service and smooth Cuban operations, PLEASE remember, it's Cuba.


— Single room differential ($750)
— Trip Interruption Insurance


— All 3 daily meals
— All tips for the guides and drivers
— All tips at the restaurants and paladars
— All event costs
— All concert costs
— All wi-fi costs
— All transportation - coco taxis, classic cars, air conditioned limo bus
— Your Travel Certificate
— Your Visa
— 2 drinks at all restaurants and paladars
— LA/Havana roundtrip airfare


1. A clear and readable color photo copy of your Passport.

2. Your mailing address.

3. Your email address.

4. Your phone numbers (Cell, Home & Business).

5. Your mother's full maiden name.

6. The Travel Certificate filled in, scanned and emailed back to me as a pdf or jpeg. (I will email this to everyone.)

7. A head shot for reference, (I would like to print out a Guest page with everyones photo, along with your name and any other information you might wish to disclose for the page).

8. If you are sharing a room, please indicate who you are rooming with.


Please send $4,950.00 per passenger. Make checks payable to "Terry Miller".

If you are traveling solo and wish a "single" room, please add an additional $750.00 for the single room supplement.

Please mail your payment to:
Terry Miller
21 Orinda Way, Suite C, #321
Orinda, CA 94563


Terry's kids helps to support four children's organizations in Havana. Every trip we bring donations "GIFTS" for our kids in need, i.e., clothing, medical supplies, electronics, laptops, toys, musical instruments, etc.

We have a special request. Please let us know if you would be willing to check a "GIFT" suitcase at the airport for these donation items. We will of course pay the airline cost for this additional suitcase.

We can deliver this to you prior to our departures.


We will have a donation list posted late August.

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR DONATIONS, but if you would like to help our Kids in Havana, the Kids would be trilled.

If you need additional information, please contact me anytime at:
Email: or Phone: 925.421.5316


Terry Miller

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